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Every family should be comfortable in their home. It is the place where you rest, eat, gather and spend time with your family.

If you start feeling crowded in your home it can be difficult to relax. You can change that by making a room extension or adding a room. Whether it is a new nursery for accommodating a new baby in the house, or maybe your elderly family member is moving in and you need a new room addition to accommodate. A room addition is a great idea if you need more space without the hassle of moving to a new residence. NW Remodeling Contractors LLC will take care of your project from start to finish in a professional and safe manner. 

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“Knowledgeable solutions to meet your goals”

A home addition is a serious investment. We put much effort into  understanding your objectives and offer knowledgeable solutions to meet your goals. 

Home Additions

Home Addition FAQ

It all starts with realistic ideas that fit your needs and tailored to fit your budget style and function. We will schedule a free appointment and a home addition consultation during which we explore different layout options to meet the following criteria zoning and regulations, structural, functional, style, budget…

NW Remodeling Contractors LLC is a design-build contractor. We draft and engineer a set of plans as required and also submit the plans to the building department in order to obtain permits for your room addition project. 

We also create realistic 3D renderings of specific living space areas to help you visualize your new space  before we start building.

Each project  is unique and requires a special problem solving approach. During our free initial visit to the project we will determine what makes the most sense for you as a home owner from the budgeting standpoint, also determine  how the new home addition will be tying-in with the existing house. 

In order to determine a cost one has to consider factors which affect the price greatly. 

The factors are – level of finish, structural complexity of the project, site conditions, square footage, amount of detailed work and sequence of events on the home addition project. We take the time to make an accurate assessment in order to make precise cost projections.  

Yes we are licensed and bonded in both Washington and Oregon. We mostly provide home addition and remodeling services in the Vancouver WA – Portland OR metropolitan area. 

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