Dry Rot Repair & Remediation

Dry rot Repair Experts in Vancouver | Portland

Dry Rot Repair & Remediation

Structural Dry Rot Repair

Dry Rot Repair Vancouver | Portland
Dry Rot expands to the structural framing members of a home and ruins the structural integrity of the lumber. We find rotten support posts and headers. Rotten Trusses and floor joists. Sheathing of walls and roofs. We’ve replaced rotten support pillars with 3 stories of living space above it. If not properly mitigated Dry Rot can cause substantial structural damage. Water Damage Repair doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. If stopped in a timely manner it won’t spread to other structural members of a house.
If you suspect water damage in any part of your house contact us for a free consultation and an estimate.

Interior Dry rot Damage

Water Damage Restoration

It is important to spot water leaks or exposure to moisture early before it grows to other parts of your house. Common locations where we repair dry rot are floors around toilets or tubs where the main causes are supply line failiure, toilet leaks and poorly installed bathtub drains. Many times we find rim joists in the basement that are affected by dry rot. Most causes are untreated lumber in direct contact with moist concrete, improper soil backfill on the outside of the rim joist, water intrusion from the outside and thermal bridging in poorly vented pockets that cause fungus to grow and turn into dry rot. We are local Dry Rot Repair experts and will help you restore your house to safe condition.

Dry Rot Repair & Remediation
Dry Rot Repair & Remediation

Exterior Dry Rot Repair

Dry Rot Repair Underneath Siding

In Vancouver and Portland we get more than 40″ of rainfall per year. Perfect conditions for Dry Rot to grow and expand. That is why it is important that the siding on your house performes well under that much moisture. We find a lot of Dry Rot in places where water was not directed away from the building such as improper flashing over windows and doors, drains and downspouts draining water directly on to the house, failed or poor sealant on corners and joints, poor paint protecting siding, It is very important to properly diagnose all areas affected by Dry Rot  and treat it as soon as you discover it to prevent major damge to your house. We offer full Dry Rot Repair and Water Damage Repair Services in Vancouver | Portland

Water Damage Repair on Residential and Commercial Structures

Water Damage Restoration Expert Vancouver | Portland

Water Damage
on Roofs

Poorly installed roofs and damaged roofing materials lead to Dry rot damage to the sheathing and structural framing members of a roof. We deal with many rotten roofs and offer water damage repair.

Water Damage Repair Under Siding

We often find Water Damage underneath siding and vapor barrier of a house. Many times Dry Rot is caused by improper flashing installation, window leaks, sealant/paint  failure or defective construction and installation.

Water Damage From Water Pipes

Water pipes burst, hose seals fail and appliances cease to work. End Result is Water Damage. If not stopped a burst pipe will cause unbelievable water damgae within a short period of time. 

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